Biological software developped in Serrano's laboratory

About SmartCell

We have developed a computer software, SmartCell to provide an idea of the evolution of a network in one cell. Based on sotchastic algorithm, SmartCell need multiple runs to have mean results. To help the user, SmartCell is distributed with a graphic user interface, that allow the creation of model with a user friendly interface, and also the analyze and traitment of results after the runs.


Currently we are implementing the following:

  • Integration of active transport in order to decrease the number of events related to the diffusion
  • Improvement of the network design of the GUI thanks to scripts, table and connection with other simuation software
  • Development of a method of parameter fitting

SmartCell team

SmartCell was developped by the SmartCell team in the laboratory of Luis Serrano at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Heidelberg, now at the Centre de Regulació Genòmica in Barcelona. The Following people have contributed to the development:

  • Maria Ander
  • Anders Kaplan
  • Yann Dublanche
  • Mathilde Foglierini
  • Luis Serrano

Intellectual property

Intellectual property issues are handled by CRG. Only executables are available for download from our website, based on a material transfer agreement (mta) with CRG. The source code is protected.